Ask us (almost) anything

How big is the board?

The board is 11 3/4" x 9 1/8" x 1/2" thick.

Can I hang it outside?

Our Tether Golf backboards are made from plywood designed for outdoor signs and printed with water-resistant inks. You may see some fading, warping and swelling if you leave the board outside all year round.

I have really high ceilings. Is the cord long enough?

Our ball assembly can adjust up to 10' to accommodate most ceilings. If you ceiling is more than 9' tall consider splicing in an additional piece of paracord so you can reach the adjustment tool.

If you have low ceilings, consider shortening the cord by cutting some off the end near the tensioner and reknotting it.

How do you mount the tethered ball?

The cord is attached to a screw eye that you will screw into your ceiling or overhang using the provided anchor or going directly into a joist. See how here: How to Set-Up and Play

Will the ball dent my walls?

It's very unlikely unless you swing really hard. You will quickly figure out that all you need is an easy putting stroke so the ball will be very slow when it gets to the board.

If you are concerned about your wall, we recommend mounting the board to a piece of plywood and then mounting that to the wall.

What if I don't have a putter?

Our Tether Golf games do not include a putter. They can be played by swinging the ball by hand. We also recommend asking your friends and family if they have any putters lying around or going to resale stores or yard sales and finding a used putter.

How big a swing do I take?

Whoa big hitter, save the driver for the range. Think of this as a medium length putt. Take a look at this video to get a feel for the swing.

I can't seem to score. Am I doing something wrong?

Your setup may need tweaking.

First try hanging your ball over the ring like the picture below. It should have about 2" of cord below the ring. If it doesn't, the easiest fix is to add or remove slack from the line. But if you like the amount of slack, you may have to move your ceiling anchor closer or further from the wall.

If you have a low ceiling (7 feet or less), you can try shortening the excess cord that is needed for high ceilings. Simply move the tensioner to a height you can reach above your head, then pull the knotted end through the tensioner until the ball is just resting on the ground. Tie a knot outside the tensioner and cut the extra cord.

If both of these look ok, keep practicing or contact customer service at customerservice@tethergolf.com.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship outside the US. Consider using a re-shipper like PackageHopper.

Who's your favorite golfer?

Happy Gilmore, probably. Wait! You are absolutely our favorite.

Struggling to score?

If your cord is a lot longer or shorter than this (about 2" of cord inside ring) you may need to adjust your setup.

Low ceiling?