Play golf on your wall

Putt or Toss the Ball

Watch a hole of Tether Golf

  • It's competitive and fun

    With our match play format and two ways to score, you are never out of it.

  • It's safe

    That's why we added a breakaway connector to our ball assembly.

  • It takes almost no space or time to set up

    When you are done playing, disconnect the cord and hang it on the ring or leave it attached for your next battle.

  • Anyone can play

    If you've never swung a club or if you are scratch golfer, this game is for you. Learn to putt or hone your skill.

    Or if golfing isn't your thing, shorten the cord a bit and swing the ball into the ring with your hand.

  • It helps you perfect your putting all year round

    Work on preparation, form, line and weight any time you want with immediate feedback.