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Our Story

One cold fall day in Madison, WI, Jesse Darley found a golf ball walking by the Glen Golf Park. When he got home he drilled a hole in that ball and rigged up a terrible looking contraption to create the game of Tether Golf. Like any game, it took a bunch of iterations to get it anywhere close to the game you see today. Jesse invited his friend Randy Koplin over to try it out. After telling Jesse everything that sucked about it, he admitted he loved it and thought the two of them should turn it into a real product.

Randy and Jesse have had some epic games against each other but more than anything they love introducing the games to golfers, want to be golfers or anyone who likes a friendly competition.

We hope you will feel the passion, see the attention to detail and enjoy the competitive fun and gamified training built into Tether Golf. 

Swing away!


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